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Uncomfortable Truths

September 30, 2009
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After writing about, not the ‘why‘ of new laws aimed at curbing piracy online, but asking about the ‘if– I was very interested to read in the current issue of MCV (556) a quote by Namco Bandai UK marketing manager David Miller;

“As a publisher, the reflex reaction is to support the [new French online piracy] legislation, but do we really still believe that it’s either realistic or in the best interests of an industry (and a world for that matter) going though a genuine revolution?  I think we are becoming aware of two uncomfortable truths.  Firstly, the upsurge in the infrastructure of piracy, fuelled by Moore’s Law, the ubiquity of broadband, the proliferation of peer-to-peer and torrents, increasing storage and general access and ease of use.  And secondly that Generation Y is growing up in a culture that feels differently about media consumption.  Is it right to criminalise young people for that?”

Again, he is talking about the ‘why‘ in the quote (and this is an extract from a slightly longer quote) but I am interested in his point (1) about the ‘if‘ – he suggests that  controlling online piracy is simply not possible and suggests this position is a result of by Moore’s Law – and I feel he’s on the right track, except that I believe (and am researching) the fact that it is fuelled by Darwin’s Law; Evolution*.

*Yes I know Evolution is not a law it’s a theory and I fully understand what a theory means in science as opposed to normal language – I’m saying that for dramatic effect.  Ta-Da!

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