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Talk at Virt3c@Hull 2010

January 3, 2010

I’m happy to say that I am going to be talking at the 2010 Virt3c@Hull, at Hull University.  Keynote speakers include; Gabriella Coleman on ‘Cabals, Crisis, and Conflict on the Virtual Frontier’ (Friday) and Mathieu O’Neil on ‘Theory and Practice of Online Research: Power, Expertise, Critique’ (Sat).  My talk is part of the session entitled ‘Conflicts in Open & Free Software Communities’ on Sat 20th March, 12.00- 1.45:

Conflicts in Open & Free Software Communities

  • Merten, Stefan: ‘Conflicts and the governance model of Free Software’,
  • Rawlings, Thomas: ‘Evolutionary p2p Systems’,
    Fernando, Suresh: ‘OpenKollab: Inherent Conflicts Arising within Generative Collaboration Spaces’,
  • Dafermos, George: ‘An empirical study of division of labour in free & open source software development: the case of FreeBSD’, Delft University of Technology, Holland.

The poster for the event can be found here and there is much more info on the official website;

PS – Here’s a great summary of the event.

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