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Twitter to Use P2P Technology to Cope with Demand

February 12, 2010

Anyone who’s used Twitter much will have noticed the frequent service outages – aka Whale Fail – after the image us users see then this happens. Given Twitter’s enormous growth of the past few years (sometimes exceeding 1000%!) then the demands on it’s central servers must be huge. Which is where p2p technology could help – as it scales with demand because as more people join they also bring their capacity too;

Bittorrent has been requested to give a hand to Twitter in the process of deploying the latter’s files across its several servers efficiently. “Murder” as the project has been labeled, is based on an open source. It would help Twitter as well as other developers for free.  Thousand of servers are required in the normal process of flow of updates that are sent to millions of users. Such big scale web-services are in need of the latest updates and that is for sure intensive time consumption.  More…

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