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The Evolution of Torrents – Going Private

April 21, 2010

As laws come in to allow the identification of p2p users, one would expect that p2p users (and developers) would move towards systems that seek to make the user anonymous and/or enforce privacy for their users, rather than stop using p2p. Well that happened in France, and now it is happening in the UK…

After the UK Government passed its new and improved anti-piracy bill we decided to ask some of the people that run anonymizing BitTorrent services if they’ve seen a rise in users. One of the well established services in this niche is BTGuard, an easy to configure proxy service that hides the IP-addresses of its users from the public. Services like these are a thorn in the side of anti-piracy outfits because they make it impossible to track down infringing users. As expected, the demand for BTGuard from UK citizens has grown significantly in recent months. One of BTGuard’s founders told us that their service now has almost as many UK users as US users, and also detailed some major changes that have been implemented since we covered the launch of the service two years ago.

So I would now expect to see the integration/development of such ideas grow and grow as such laws come online…

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