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Develop Conference Talk

July 6, 2010

We (FluffyLogic) are giving a talk at the Develop conference in Brighton:

Why are Games Sequels So Often Better Than Film Sequels and What This Can Teach Us About the Development Cycle
It is an oft quoted true-ism that the original of a film is best with sequels often failing to capture the magic of the original. Examples like The Blues Brothers, then The Blues Brothers 2000 or The Matrix then The Matrix Reloaded spring to mind. Yet is seems to be the opposite with games; it is easy to think of games whose sequel is equal, or indeed better, than the original – Fallout to Fallout 2, GTA to Vice City and beyond, Call of Duty to Modern Warfare 2.,,Ana (a filmmaker) and Tomas (a games designer) talk about why this is the case: why is a film better the first time around?

If you’ve there – come and have a listen – we’re on in The Den on Thursday 15th from 4-5pm.   There is lots of interesting stuff there this year including Fable III, 3D gamingPixar Films.

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