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Interview on Battle for Hoth Game

July 13, 2010

We did an interview for the Star Wars: Battle for Hoth game for the top site Gamezebo.  Here’s a snippit:

Were there any units, settings, or scenarios that you wanted to include that simply didn’t make the cut?

There were a few units that came out as toys that were not in the film – the ones we all had as kids, such as the CAP-2 Captivator or the MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon. In the end we kept it pretty classic with a few slight variations; such as having TIE Fighters coming down onto the surface and taking on a ground-attack role! There are some classic units that do not appear in this version, but who knows what the future holds…

Now I had quite a few of the Star Wars toys as a kid.  All sadly gone now 😦 else I’d not be getting much done now – I’d be busy recreating the Battle of Hoth.  Pride of place went to the AT-AT my gran brought me one Christmas.


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