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Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is Out!

July 15, 2010

Hooray!  It’s live!  Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is out today.  It’s been a busy few months – we started the game at the start of the year from scratch and built it over the last 6 months – so it’s been a quick turn-around project – but the game is solid and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Needless to say I use you all to buy it.  If you don’t own an iPhone, I urge you to buy one just for this game. 😉 If you want to know more, then please browse my other posts on the game…

There, I’ve done my selling bit for the day I can go an have a beer now…

I’ve also put a help/hints/tips guide up on the fluffylogic website: – and the US iTunes page is here.

There is a nice write-up of the launch from MacWorld:

Battle for Hoth puts you in the unenviable position of having to defend the rebels’ Echo Base from an onslaught of probe droids, Imperial snowtroopers, fearsome AT-AT walkers, and more. You deploy soldiers, gun emplacements, snowspeeders, and more as you strive to prevent the Empire from snuffing out the light of freedom in the galaxy. From your top down view of the battlefield, you can arrange your units as you wish in order to best defend your objective.

Unfortunately, my first attempt ended in a rout as the Imperials stormed the base and mercilessly destroyed it. But at least I was rewarded with a video showing the rebels fleeing like ants from AT-ATs. So I guess that’s something. As it turns out, I’m not as good at strategic battles as I am at maneuvering an X-Wing straight down a trench. I did, however, manage to best the first level on a subsequent try, which just goes to show that you can teach an old tauntaun new tricks. The game features 15 different levels and two different gameplay modes (Classic and Fortress), as well as authentic Star Wars sound effects and music. There’s also support for the OpenFeint network, allowing you to compare your scores with friends and strangers alike.

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