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Star Wars: Battle for Hoth Feedback

July 19, 2010

So Battle for Hoth has come out and feedback is arriving. I’m really pleased to say that it has hit number 6 in the US chart for best selling paid apps – very pleased with that. It’s also currently one of the apps of the week on top tech site Gizmodo. Plus reviews have started appearing:

Most tower defense games are over-simplified to the point of dullness nowadays. Set up towers, watch creeps follow a pre-determind path, and hope for the best. Every now and then you’ll upgrade a tower or buy a new one, but beyond that, tower defense had managed to become something of a spectator sport. The Battle For Hoth is looking to change all that, placing you in command of an army that needs your constant supervision. … Gamers looking for a quick and simple tower defense game are going to be taken aback by the depth and strategy offered by The Battle For Hoth. Once they get past their initial shock, though, they’ll find that its depth and challenge make The Battle For Hoth one of the best tower defense games on the App Store. Just remember to bring your parka – Hoth gets mighty chilly this time of year.

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