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Inception’s Incepts

August 13, 2010

I’ve been to see Inception a couple of times – I’ve really enjoyed the film.  Spoiler warning – if you’ve not seen the film and plan to – stop reading now.  OK, so some didn’t like it – and ok, so there are a few plot inconsistencies (like why gravity shifts that came from the van level into the hotel level did not also impact on the snow level more than a few thumps) but these are minor points – the film is a great idea, well executed and good fun.  The net has produced a number of graphics that seek to explain the layers of dreaming in the film.  This one has been posted around the net a lot:

Explaning Inception

Explaning Inception

And we’ve also seen the re-emergence of an old Calvin and Hobbs cartoon that captures Inception’s dream within a dream vibe:

Calvin's Inception

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