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R-Type on iPhone: Result!

August 27, 2010

So the arcade classic – and one of my favourite games of all time – R-Type is now out on iPhone.  I’ve got a copy and I was worried that they port the game over without considering the nature of the platform they are designing for – happily they have done a great job and the controls are excellent.

There is an option to have auto-fire on, which for a shooting game, saves lots of bashing the touchscreen.  This does not diminish the functionality of the power-boost shot, so essential to gameplay in this title.  What’s more they give you a choice in the controls from classic to tilt’n’touch.  It’s all really well done and totally considers the platform they are porting the game too.

Take note Golden Axe iPhone developers!  This is how to do it right.  Recomended for instabuy.

iPhone screenshot of R-Type

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