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Paying Attention Event

September 9, 2010

The Digital Culture Research Centre (DCRC) – in a top digital media lab here in Bristol and also the place where my PhD is based.  They’ve got a big event going on in Sweeden at the moment, which sadly I can’t be at, but sounds amazing:

Hello Everyone,

A brief update from the frontline…

Morning – Session 5: New Forms and Meanings of Mediation blogged:

Our first session on Wednesday is concerned with empirical engagements with various ways in which different actors attempt to appropriate, curate, control, direct or facilitate attention. These range from artistic practices with cell/mobile phones to educational practices through Virtual Learning Environments and their relation to ‘community’.

Bernard Stiegler’s fantastic talk: ‘Pharmacology of Attention’, blogged here:

Afternoon – Session 7: Theories of Attention and Economy (2) blogged:

Our seventh session continues the theme of (new) theories of attention and economy…..

Scoping and Review conversation (2):
The second scoping and review session continued with the encouragement of delegates to engage with the themes that have arisen during the second day of sessions of the conference. Another exciting discussion arose with contributions from speakers and from other participants, raising some interesting points for further consideration.

Session 8: Aphra Kerr & Simon Poulter blogged:
In the final session of papers of day 2, sociologist Aphra Kerr explicates and critiques the various ways in which ‘trust’ is articulated in the design of communications technologies and artist and curator Simon Poulter presents a critical intervention themed on Google’s algorithms as an articulation of ‘freedom’.

Back tomorrow with all the action from Day 3.

Thanks for Paying Attention…

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