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The MOH Debate – An Update

October 14, 2010

I blogged before about the debate over EA’s new Medal of Honor game that allowed players to play at the Taliban.  Apparently the story is still rumbling on – but mainly with non-gamers.  Which means more free publicity for EA I guess…

However, [EA marketing director Craig Owens] blamed the controversy surrounding the original name on a lack of awareness amongst non-gamers.

“The objection was, kind of from an older generation that doesn’t understand games, that the soundbyte was ‘Play as the Taliban and kill US soldiers.’

“Later that soundbyte kind of caught wind and got taken out of context, really.”

He claimed that it was ” just a misunderstanding… It’s just one of those transition points, where people who don’t play games still think they’re just for 12-year-olds and they’re just all fun and games and they could never really tell a story like a movie does.”

Owens went on to reiterate EA’s claim that the game was highly respectful towards US troops.

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