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Open Source Space Program

October 18, 2010

Thus far all of the major space programs have been led by national governments in conjunction. There are a few others that are being run by either huge corporations and/or individual billionaires. Needless to say that at the moment the space-race is not one for the rest of us.

Until now. Into the arena comes artist Song Hojun:

[Hojun] has for the past five years been exploring ways to integrate the concept of a personal satellite project into cultural contexts and into his artistic practice.

All the satellite-related systems (except for the rocket to launch it) are DIY programs –- designed so that regular people may also have the chance of developing and eventually launching their own.

There is also a book and website to support the project. While the art aspect of this project is clear – the aspiration that by default pushes space as a commons for all – is very exciting.

(Also posted on the p2p foundation blog.)

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