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My Favourite Co-op and Split-screen PS3 Games

October 22, 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of playing split-screen games – especially ones with co-operative modes.  It’s a great way of playing game with friends.  I’ve just finished unlocking and completing all the Special Ops games on Modern Warfare 2 as split-screen (not not all on the hardest levels) and really enjoyed them.  In fact I’ve enjoyed them a lot more than both the online multiplayer and the single player versions.  So now I’m looking for new spit-screen/coop fixes.   Thus far I have lined up (now in order, best first…)

  1. Modern Warfare 2 – As noted above, this is an amazing 2 player co-op game that is great fun and a good challenge from start to finish (and in my humble opinion a better game that Black Ops). Update 1: Can’t wait to see what Respawn come up with now… Update 2: MW3 also has Coop play and it’s good fun too. It’s got more modes than MW2 has and is a worthy addition to the split-screen genre.
  2. Portal 2 – An amazing puzzle game in single player, that in even more fun in co-op mode. As well as the great gameplay from the single player but in 2-player designed levels, it has fun little interactions such as rock-paper-scissors.
  3. Resident Evil 5 – I’ve played this a bit in split-screen and it’s good.  The online co-op is also a great mode.  Dipping into a level as an online thing I found to be a very enyoable way of playing the game – also more fun than the single player.  I prefer the online to the split-screen thus far..but its a great game either way.
  4. Warhammer 40K Kill Team – It’s not too expensive to buy (it’s only available as a download) and is a good 2 player co-op where the gameplay is pretty basic but the action is good fun. Worth a blast.
  5. Lost Planet 2 – Just installed this, and not played it as yet…so I’ll report back on how it goes. Update 1 – Not great, there are bits about this game I like, but also bits I don’t.  The shooting does not feel very satisfactory.  If you fail a at any point (both of you die) then you both have to restart the whole pile of linked missions which gets a bit boring replaying same sections over and over. Update 2 – OK, we’ve been still pushing with this game and I have to say I’m coming round to it much more.  It is fun and once you get round the slightly different way the game has of doing things, it is good fun.  Still with a few tweaks on weapons and saving it could be much, much better.  But I am still playing it and having fun, which is what counts…

I hope to build this list with more games to play this way.  Feel free to email me or tweet me suggestions…

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