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The Best Cthuhlu/Lovecraft on Twitter

November 23, 2010

There are a number of Cthulhu and H.P.Lovecraft related accounts on Twitter, so who is he best ones to follow?  I’ve been doing some digging and here are my picks based on both how often they update and the quality of the tweets.

The great author himself, H.P.Lovecraft, has been split into a number of personas on Twitter.  Of those the two I like are:

@HP_Lovecraft – sample tweet: “No line betwixt “human” and “non-human” organisms is possible, for all animate Nature is one–with differences only in degree; never in kind”

@HowardLovecraft – sample tweet: “Though potentially entertaining, the collapse of time and space would certainly put a damper on holiday gatherings.”

There are also a number of star-spawn clamouring for  Cthulhu’s throne – amonsgt those I like are..

@ElderGodCthulhu – sample tweet: “…just to get you up to speed, i’m an elder god from beyond the stars and i’m male. really, a female elder god? puullease…”

As for ongoing news about Cthulhu and related things, there are:

@cthulhuHQ – lots of updates and news with an eldritch vibe from yours truly…

@Ab_Chaosium – Tweets from the people at Chaosium, home of the amazing Call of Cthulhu RPG…

@insmouthpress – Gives the tweeting news about Cthulhu related fiction and more.

@YSDC (aka Paul of Cthulhu) which posts lots of information about Cthulhu related products amongst other things.

Feel free to email me more suggestions and ideas to update this list!

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