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Promoting PSN – on PC!

December 3, 2010

This is an interesting idea – doing a Playstation Network (PSN) title but putting the demo out on PC so a wider audience can sample it’s delights. I’ll be interested to see how this experiment plays out…

Just announced today, I Must Run! the new minis title from Gamelion will be getting a demo. While it won’t be on the PlayStation Network, anyone that has a PC will be able to try the game out. We also have a new tidbit about the game, it is a “skill-based action game”. That still doesn’t bring me any closer to understanding what it is all about. Hopefully we will have some screens to show you in the near future.

I Must Run! will be out December 14th in the US for $3.99 and the following day in the EU for €2.99.

(Thanks to PSNStores for the link.)

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