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Fate of the World – The Global Warming Game (Beta)

February 4, 2011

I had blogged aboutFate of the World‘, a game putting you in the role of trying to stop climate change.  I purchased the Beta version and the aim is to get to 2100 with enough of a planet left to maintain a reasonable standard of living for humanity.  I’ve not had enough time to play it enough to muse about the game here…

Its a simple to play (and I mean that in a good way) and has plenty of depth.  Essentially you are a kind of global UN type figure – and not a dictator figure: This is a key aspect of the gameplay as you have to bring each region along with you by balancing important steps such as limiting emissions with poipular measures such as investment insentives.  If a region gets unhappy with you, they can (and do) ban you from the region and its only after you’ve proven yourself in other areas that you can re-earn thier trust and they let you in.

Fate of the World Screenshot

So each turn consists of recruiting ‘agents’ for each region to promote and enact your policies and projects for that region.  Once you’ve set the policies and projects for that date cycle (most projects run over 5 years) based on the income you have then you get summary of how its going globally – the emissions for each region, the total emissions, your office’s popularity.  You can also see where wars, strife, specis extinction and famine break out.  As the game progresses and more projects are implemented then you get more options to apply from Black Ops to the Developemnt of AI systems.  It’s a fun game and I’ve been able to play it trying different strategies – not limiting emissions but pushing new and renewable technologies, yes (and no) to nuclear and so on.

Overall the beta is fun, and with some more features and refining it could be really good.

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