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Cthulhu Thursday – Mashup Cthulhu

February 24, 2011

One of the great things about the Cthulhu Mythos is that there is so much score for experimentation within what Lovecraft and others created.  I think this is a big part of the reason why it is still going strong today.  It is fun and interesting to take the concepts of the Mythos and merge them with other areas…. and people do!  From Tintin to Sherlock Holmes, Cthulhu gets mashed up.  And here are a couple more…


The Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe, Peter Clines’ twisted new take on the classic tale featuring werewolves and Lovecraftian monsters, is now available for purchase from many offline and online stores including:

Robinson Crusoe is one of the most enduring adventures of the past four centuries and one of the most well-known works in the English language. Or is it?

Recently discovered amidst the papers of the 20th century writer and historian H. P. Lovecraft is what claims to be the true story of Robinson Crusoe. Taken from the castaway’s own journals and memoirs, and fact-checked by Lovecraft himself, it is free from many of Defoe’s edits and alterations. From Lovecraft’s work a much smoother, simpler tale emerges–but also a far more disturbing one…

There are also some fun mashups of the The Family Circus, a US comic strip about family life… here the cosy life meets the darkness… the eviiiillll…

(Cthulhu Thursday is a dose of mythos to brighten darken your week. More on the idea can be found here and a list of posts thus far, here. Enjoy!)

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