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Guardian SXSW Hacks & Games

March 4, 2011

I was really intrigued at the Guardian’s idea of getting people together to look at how best to cover the event SXSW. So yes there are journalists and the like there, but also games developers too (Media Molecule)!

There was something more than a bit special about last weekend’s Guardian Hacks SXSW event. Not only did we have an an impressive European mix of newspapers and developers, but many of the teams were made up of people who’d never met before the weekend, and whose ideas took shape only after some in-depth conversations about what is possible, and what needs to be fixed.

Exhausting, certainly. Exciting, definitely. Productive – absolutely. The best part of the weekend was seeing developers and journalists with very different skills, expertise and experience talking through problems and challenges and coming up with some truly inspired hacks. Particularly after seeing the amount of effort that went into all of these, judging the projects was like choosing between children.

And MM’s people won the Best Use of Data award for Sound Thing! Nice one!

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