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3DS Is Out

March 29, 2011

Face it, the Gameboy, then the GBA, then the DS were amazing gaming platforms. But it’s the post iPhone world… Here’s the 3DS:

3DS is a much more powerful console than its predecessor, but its key selling point is, naturally, its ability to display glasses-free 3D. The effect is startling: the wide-eyed stares and even wider grins featured in Nintendo’s marketing feel like a genuinely plausible reaction to that initial viewing. It can take time to get used to, though – initial common complaints range from mild eye strain to gentle nausea – so the ability to dial the effect down or turn it off entirely is a welcome one at first. … Installed software allows users to take low-resolution 3D photos and listen to music and an SD card is included to boost the limited internal memory. Rumours of short battery life haven’t been exaggerated: with 3D and wireless communications turned on, it can be just three hours before the console needs recharging via the provided cradle, though playing older and less graphically intensive games extends that time. … Other features are designed to encourage users to carry their console at all times. A built-in pedometer awards Play Coins, an in-game currency set to be used by a number of first- and third-party titles, while SpotPass and StreetPass wireless communications allow 3DS owners to swap data, including their Mii avatars, with their consoles in standby mode.

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