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More on Crysis 2 – Having a Barrel!

April 6, 2011

This is another post about Crysis 2 – Its on my mind because I’m playing it a lot at the moment.  Its a really impressive 1st Person Shooter (FPS).  It’s currently no.1 in the UK charts and deservedly so.  Its always good when good games are rewarded with good popularity.

The gameplay dynamic between the different modes of play is great fun – although they do put in the obligatory vehicle missions.  I’ve yet to see this vehicle mission stuff work well in a FPS.  In Black Ops the chopper bit was the least fun part of the game and I just wanted it over.  Vehicles are fun to have in to break up the gameplay, but too much of it just shows up that the engine is not designed for such gameplay.

Anyhow another facet of the game that is fun is throwing stuff – you can kick objects into people, push cars along in front of you like a shield and throw items to distract enemies when going for the stealth option.  The following video shows what I mean – where you can throw an explosive barrel then shoot it.  Woo!


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