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Friday – How Not to Do Social Media, And Dinosaurs…

April 8, 2011

Ah Friday.  A day when your body is in work and your mind is getting ready to relax for the weekend.  So here are two links for you to pick from – serious or fluff.  You pick!  Here’s a great article on how not to do social media…

Many traditional media entities have embraced social-media services like Twitter and Facebook and blogs — at least to some extent — as tools for reporting and journalism, using them to publish and curate news reports. But newspapers in particular seem to have a hard time accepting the “social” part of these tools, at least when it comes to letting their journalists engage with readers as human beings. A case in point is the new social-media policy introduced at a major newspaper in Canada, which tells its staff not to express personal opinions — even on their personal accounts or pages — and not to engage with readers in the comments.

Or Fluff…

Eldar and Dinosaurs!!! Woo.

Or if Warhammer fluff is not your thing…

Ah. I see.

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