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THQ and Transmedia

April 20, 2011

This is an interesting interview with THQ’s Danny Bilson about how they see themselves going forward…  Note the nods to transmedia:

THQ had to find a new focus; to get some perspective. And while licenses are still a big part of its world, the company is now all about creating new IP, building great games and nurturing a creative environment that can yield artistic greatness.

Just about every word coming out of THQ these days conforms to this narrative. We’ve got new pricesnew ways to conduct marketing campaigns, a new logo, a huge new studionew deals with fellow transmedia devotees.

In the end, THQ and Bilson will be judged on their ability to deliver world-class IP and beautiful gaming experiences. And it’s this search for IP that is consuming the company’s resources during this difficult, expensive year of investment.

We’ve already seen Homefront which flared briefly as a possible IP giant. Even if the reviews were underwhelming, the sales performance has been satisfactory with one analyst predicting lifetime sales of 3 million. Brands like Saints Row, Darksiders and Red Faction offer promise but they must do more than merely build upon previous incarnations. inSane from Volition, created in collaboration with movie director Guillermo del Toro must be seen as a central pillar of the company’s creative future. And, of course, there are plenty of games we just haven’t heard about yet, particularly coming from Montreal.

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