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Cthulhu Thursday: Eldritch Lego

April 28, 2011

Lego, that most timeless of toys.  I had loads of space lego and used it to make all the toys I wanted but did not have; so I made lego tanks, GI Joe, Zoids – I enven tried lego Transformers but that failed.  However better lego-creators that I have mashed up the Mythos with Lego and made some amazing stuff.  Enjoy!

Let us start with a Lego Cthulhu himself!

LEGO Cthulhu

We are not done yet. There is this amazing house being attacked by tentacles– in Lego!!!

Lego House vs Lego Tentacles

Plus don’t forget the appearance of another Lego artist before on the digital pages of my blog…

Child of Shudde Mell

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