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Following Split Milk’s iPhone Game Post-Mortem

May 8, 2011

On the very good Games Brief, I noticed that they are teaming up with iPhone developer Split Milk to chart the progress of thier new game – and I’ll be watching with great interest, having done a couple of iPhone games…

The honesty starts here; we’ve got several aims with this diary, in rough order of importance.

  1. Get word out about the game and the company.
  2. Take the opportunity to learn about the project while it is still ‘alive’ and try to fix mistakes before they take root.
  3. Gain some knowledge we otherwise wouldn’t have through feedback and dialogues opened up as a direct result of these posts.
  4. Impart some of our hard-won knowledge to anyone reading.

I think its really brave of them and wish them well (and will buy the game when it is out ‘cos it sounds fun). Having been to the Wired Fail event in London recently, the message from that was not that failing is a bad thing necessarily – its failing to learn from it that is. (Not that I think Split Milk is going to fail, just saying its brave to put it out there because they may do… but only in the sales of the game, learning-wise they are setting up for success, IMHO.)

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