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Spilt Milk Post-Mortem Update IV

June 4, 2011

Part IV (One and Two here, missed three):

The Beta Players (not a band!) all got an invite too, though spread out as they were this was obviously more an act to acknowledge their input and value than an honest hope they’d be able to turn up. We picked a venue: the Southbank in London, during a lovely sunny weekend while the Festival of Britain was running. We were excited, and announced it on twitter too – basically anyone who wanted to could come, and if they brought their iWhatever they’d get the latest build for free.

So the day came, and we had 8 or 9 people turn up. Not bad, to be honest, though a tiny piece of me wanted it to be a surprising success. We got tons of great feedback, had a great time, made new friends and generally lived on a praise-fuelled high for a few days afterwards. We also got some genuinely useful feedback about the game (particularly the rules for spawning the Invincibility powerup in Deadline mode, now tied to the clock) and recorded the whole thing for posterity (and also for inclusion in our upcoming trailer. More on that in another diary.)

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