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Interview with Me on Horror Video Games

June 14, 2011

Here’s a snip:

Horror News Network: Do you feel added pressure in making this game knowing that Call of Cthulhu is such a popular RPG?

Tomas Rawlings: Huge pressure. The game is beloved and popular for all the right reasons – it’s an amazing game. You don’t get to be one of the best paper RPGs for 30 years now without doing lots of things right. However video games are a very different medium and its simply not possible to port the game over as is. Paper RPGs are guided by the imagination (and acting) of the players, so they work well when players come up with crazy schemes and mad solutions to problems. However in a video game the Keeper is the game-engine and it has restrictions from the hardware and software on what can and can’t be done. Some games, like the PC/Xbox ‘Dark Corners of the Earth’, use Call of Cthulhu as a setting and make the game about the action. I’ve got this game and enjoyed playing it, but we wanted to take our game in a different direction. I’m a huge fan of turn-based strategy games (XCom, Fire Emblem) and felt that their turn-based nature fitted a game based on the RPG quite well. As a result, this is the direction we’re taking.

Full interview is here.   To follow the progress of this game: Twitter @redwaspdesign or Facebook or see Red Wasp Design.

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