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Smart Phone Info-Graphic

June 22, 2011

This is a great image that summaries lots of information about the smart phone apps eco-system.  One of the most interesting bits is the predictions as to where this space will be in the future – and it suggests that Android will be only 40,000 apps of the current leader, the iOS. It also does not rate the Windows Phone 7 very highly.  I’m not sure this is fair, as once Nokia come on-board in using that phone OS, I think it will pick up at a faster rate.  However one of the problems with predictions like this is they miss the huge ructions that innovation creates.  Its the issue of ‘unknown unknowns’, that somebody is going to create something that either makes the whole app idea pointless or redefines it in the same was the iOS did with apps for phones. For example, imagine predicting blogging platforms going forward in 2005 – would you have put Twitter there?  Doubtful, because if you know enough to place it there, you’ve either be inventing it yourself…

While is is very interesting, I also think some links with the sources of the data visualised here would be helpful too?

the smartphone app-o-graphic

Smartphone App-o-graphic by[x]cubeLABS

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