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Smartphones Eat 33% of Mobile Gaming Revenue in 2 Years

July 29, 2011

The figures speak for themselves:

Flurry says that “iOS’s and Android’s revenue share of the U.S. portable game software category exploded to 34% in 2010 from just 1% in 2008.” At the same time, “Nintendo’s U.S. portable game revenue share contracted to 57% from 75%” (although obviously that doesn’t have to mean that Nintendo’s revenue fell: the market could just have expanded a lot).

Makes me wonder if the recent move by Sony that cut the RAM in the new Vita (formerly NGP) is related to the rapid expansion of phones into the mobile gaming space?  It may mean a strategy of trying to lower the long-term unit cost to keep it closer to the cost of a high spec phone. Likewise for the 3DS price cut?

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