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Bristol’s Going to Game Jam

August 24, 2011

Yesterday saw a really good meeting with Red Wasp Design, Thought Den, Mobile Pie and lots of others to plant the flag for Bristol’s entry into Game Jam, the make-a-game-in-24-hours event coming in October as a pre-Jam before the main event in November.  This from Thought Den’s blog…

The Extended Play Games Jam is a ‘hack-a-thon’ where a team of random creative/programmy/interested people come together and try and smash together a wicked good game out of the milieu of their minds, computers, beer and pizza in only 24 hours. It is a subset of the already pretty cool Extended Play Festival, held this year on November 3rd-5th

The teams are given an overarching ‘theme’ which is only revealed at the beginning of the challenge, so it’s a little like (insert TV gameshow simile) gone mad! These games are then taken to the Extended Play festival itself, where people ooh and aah at how amazing/crap something is when made in only 24 hours. There might also be a prize, but by then someone had brought out mini rolls so we stopped taking notes…

Sounds good ey? For the first time ever this year they are running ‘pre’ events in (at the time of writing only Bristol and Plymouth, but hopefully others) which will again be 24 hours to rub together and create something cool at satellite sites on October 1st. These pre events will be live linked by Skype/Google+, enabling all manner of idea stealing and e-flirting fun.

Given the rich heritage of games development peeps in our fine city (Mobile PieRed Wasp Design and Mubaloo were all also at the meeting, amongst others) there was a general consensus that Bristol are going to SMASH this competition into West Country winning chunks.

I’m not a competative person normaly.  But, well, it’s on.

If you’re in Bristol and are interested in taking part (number are limited however) then email debbie dot connor at redwaspdesign dot com

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