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Bristol’s Gaming Community

August 30, 2011

After a recent meeting about Bristol Game Jam, it became apparent that there is a growing community of games people in our fair city.  Now those of us who’ve been around the games block for a bit (I first started messing with creating graphics (badly) on a ZX81 and my first game on the BBC Micro), knew that in the wider region we had a number of games developers come and go including Microprose (RIP), Pivotal Games (RIP), Hothouse Creations (RIP) and Confounding Factor (RIP).  However since then, as the smart-phone market has emerged, it seems like lots of interesting stuff has been happening, so I’ve put together a list of what I think is happening here in the city (listed A-Z) – let me know if I’ve missed anything at tom at aurochdigital dot com – or contact us at Bristol Games Hub, thanks.

Video Games Developers (developers who make games, though they make other non-game stuff and apps too):

Games Related Things

Games & Education
Bristol Games Community
Just Outside Bristol (or in South West)

Game Jam 2012 in Bristol at the PM Studio

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