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PSVita’s Position in Mobile Gaming

October 17, 2011

There’s an interesting article on Edge Online about the PSVita and how it is being positioned as a gaming platform…

When you first switch on Vita, the influence of such trends is evident. Games are collected in bubbles (moveable, circular app icons), and you can hop in and out of titles with ease. Tired of biting the dust in Wipeout? Hop out and jump into something else instead. The dashboard also bears a striking similarity to the frontend of an iOS device. Has SCE decided to follow Apple’s lead, opening the gates to impulse-buy, super-low price apps, too? “I think there are lots of places for consumers to 
enjoy that sort of content; Vita is positioned at a slightly different market – the high-end gaming experience,” Ryan says. “Vita has been publicly positioned as the ultimate portable gaming experience. There are obviously going to be games on Vita which are going to reflect that quality level. Equally, at the other end of the spectrum, we’ve had success with PlayStation Minis across a variety of platforms – so [Vita will deliver] a little bit of everything.”

The whole ‘bubbles’ thing strikes me as much as being a Little Big Planet influence, as it is an iOS thing.

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