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Modern Warfare 3 Impressions So Far…

November 10, 2011

I got the game last night and I’m about 3 hours of play-time into it.  So far so good.  It’s very well polished, the engine looks great (thought a few of the effects are sub0par) however – and importantly – it plays fast, very fast.  The slightly halting speed of movement and action was one of the things that didn’t endear me to Black Ops quite as much as MW2 was this vibe in the gameplay.  Sounds a minor thing, but when the difference between one FPS and another are so slight, its the little things that count.

The story line is a little more polished than before.  However it’s not a major reason to play.  I do like the way the First-Person gamic aspect of the experience (e.g. you see events unfolding though various character’s eyes) has been woven much more into the storyline – it feels a better way to tell the story.

The action is relentless – it’s like being dropped into the the midst of an action scene in an action film – then never being allowed to leave.  It’s non-stop so far.  Which is fun, but I do hope there are a few missions that change the tempo a bit, else it will drain the experience somewhat.  I’m most looking forward to the split-screen aspect, so will report back on that when I can…

Modern Warfare 3 gameplay

More may follow…

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