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Playability Workshop Coming Soon…

January 9, 2012

I’m happy to say that I’m taking part in this interesting event:

Studies have suggested that children share a more ‘intuitive’ and tactile relationship with objects and environments than adults. Rather than accepting the given meaning of things, children get to know objects by manipulating them and using them creatively, releasing ‘new possibilities of meaning’. Whilst developmental theorists have perceived this relationship as a sign of naivety and inability to be gradually overcome, others have celebrated it as an incisive, masterful way of knowing. Interest in play, as a fundamental experience across the life course and a force for social good, is growing. The role of material connections in play sit at the heart of these concerns as it is the ‘felt’ intensity and tactile creativity of play that are signalled in these engagements. The toy/games industry and play sector have a great deal to offer in furthering academic understanding of the important role of material connections in play. Playability brings these communities together for the first time.

  • Who should attend? Play practitioners, play and toy industry representatives, games designers and academics.
  • Where and when will it take place? Northcote House, University of Exeter on Tuesday 31st January 2012.
  • What’s the wider project? ‘Playing with Toys: the animated geographies of children’s material culture’ funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). More details about the project can be found at:
  • Who is co-ordinating the event? Playability is being co-ordinated by Tara Woodyer

Apparently there are still a couple of places left, so if this sounds of interest to you, sign up!

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