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Red Wasp Design Talk Write-Up

January 16, 2012

As part of Red Wasp Design, I did a talk at the PM Studio about our up-coming game, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.  There is a great write up of the talk here:

Tomas explained that he felt the main difficulty with adapting their game from the tabletop version of the RPG stems from the original game’s openness: the way that all of the atmosphere and imagery of situations are created in the minds of the players and that it allows for the possibility of taking any course of action. This openness is not so easy to reproduce in a video game, where each option given to the player requires a large amount of code to be written in order to facilitate it.

The other major problem facing Red Wasp was to find a way to fit the game onto a mobile device. They have developed the game with highly detailed visuals so that it can be converted onto multiple platforms in the future (including home consoles such as the PS3). Initially they have decided to release it on iOS as the mobile platform lends itself to single player turn-based play and also as it is quicker and easier to get the product to market, start building a community of players and to gather feedback about what works. However, the relatively small screens involved with smart phones poses the design challenge of conveying an atmosphere of horror in the context of a handheld device.

The full write-up is here. Thanks to all those who attended and have supported us!

Me doing Red Wasp Design talk on 6th Jan at PM Studio

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