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Where Next for Sony?

June 29, 2012

Sony have been having a rough time of it of late.  Record losses have been announced.  The company makes all sorts of stuff; not just games.  However it is clear games are a bit part of what they do, so the decisions over the gaming sector matter.  Now games do make Sony money, but there is software and hardware in the overall games bit of the company.  Here’s what the new boss had to say on the matter:

He highlighted the fact that games was one of Sony’s more profitable divisions, and still had room to grow. And when he was questioned on the seeming lack of Vita software on show at E3, has was quick to defend the handheld strategy.

“If we were remiss on not spending enough time on the PS Vita, I’ll take that one under advisement, but you can rest assured it’s not for the want of any sense of overall commitment. We know that killer games are going to be what sells this device.”

I was wondering if they’d drop the PS Vita and focus on the PS3. It seems not. However the fact that the PSP is still out-selling the PS Vita in Japan has got to be a concern. However as a gamer, if that means investment in news games – that I’m interested…

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