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Our Experiments in 3D Printing and Video Games

September 13, 2012

Over at Red Wasp Design, we’ve been messing around with 3D printing.  First off was trying to create a special Cthulhu mug which we used in a competition (its closed now?):

Cthulhu Mug (3D Printed)

Now making the mug was expensive, though the results were amazing. So next we used one of the ingame models of a Dark Young and the kind people over a Exeter University’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing printed some action figure samples off for us. Here’s the results:

Dark Young Action Figures

Dark Young Action Figure Close Up (Clear, made using a 3D Systems Projet 3000HD 3D printer in UV curable resin)

3D printing is an area of increasing interest to me. There are going to be lots of crossovers with gaming – they key is to find those places. We’re mulling over what to do with these. I think of them as like action figures, but given the cost of printing them, they can easily be mass-produced this way. So should we be thinking of more unique creations (like player characters) to be printed? Not sure but interesting to ponder.

PS. We posted the images on Red Wasp Design’s Facebook page too and they caused quite a stir!

Dark Young Action Figure  Up Close (White, made using an EOS P100 selective laser sintering machine in white nylon)

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  1. September 15, 2012 5:51 pm

    More importantly maybe, 3D printers could also be considered as empowering tools and they could bring new political possibilities:

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