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Game The News: Solar Power Nation, The Game

November 7, 2012

So it begins!  We (at Auroch Digital) are going to be spending a month working with – turning their news into games, and I’m incredibly happy to say that our first one is out!

Inspired by this story, we have created a game that plays with the economics of this exciting choice. The nation needed to spend a lot of cash to install the solar infrastructure but now it is done gets cheap energy from here onwards. In Coconut Sunshine you are in charge of the nation’s finance and energy policies. You need to build more solar and also coconut oil plants to earn money from selling excess energy. You need to do all this to earn enough cash to pay of the debt before the year is out else the voters will kick you from office.

Good luck, President (for now anyway…)!

Click here and scroll down to play the game.

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