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The Biology of THQ and Activision’s Strategies

November 9, 2012

There is a good article – on about gaming strategies:

The wider context, though, reveals that this is very much a story about transition. It’s a story about survival strategies – what it takes for a corporation to thrive when its environment is in flux. A peculiar hybrid of evolutionary biology and economic theory suggests three possible survival strategies. You can specialise, focusing intently on a single niche in which you have few, if any, direct competitors – and hope that the wider environmental changes don’t destroy your specific niche. You can adapt rapidly, being an agile, flexible organism (or corporation) that deals with change well. Or you can simply be dominant – an apex predator, perhaps, a master of your food chain so utterly successful that even environmental change doesn’t impact you unless it’s really severe.

This is akin to the ideas of gaming and evolution I explored here.

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