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Winning Wellcome Trust ExPlay Game Jam Entries now Online…

November 22, 2012

All of the games from the ExPlay Wellcome Trust game jam that are able to be, are now online – including the well deserved winner:

First Prize: HIVe (Java download, video)

In HIVe the deception moves to a molecular level, where one player is a HIV infected cell disguised as a normal cell, seeking to infect other cells. The second player is an antiretroviral seeking to find and destroy the infection. The developers write, “The objective of the HIV player is to infect as many cells as possible before being caught by the antiretroviral drug player. We felt that the lifecycle of a virus is a constant battle of deception with the body and our game tries to capture this whilst at heart still being a game and being fun. We felt using HIV as the virus was important for its relation to scientific research and global social issues.”

HIVe screenshot (Wellcome Trust ExPlay Game Jam 2012)

The announcement of the winners is on the Auroch Digital site, as are the short listed games – with all the games being on the ExPlay site.

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