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Fade – Our Entry into Global Games Jam 2013

January 27, 2013

This global games jam I hooked up with Lukas, Peter and Edwardo along with input from Barbara (a producer at the BBC) to explore the theme, which was an audio file of a heartbeat. We pondered a number of ideas around this and went for a German expressionist film inspired tale of a Vampyr who has no heartbeat and so continually needs to kill others and eat their hearts to gain their beats to live.  Here is the game in action:

Here is some of Edwardo’s brilliant and haunting music from the game:

Fade Theme

Plus here is some of Peter’s amazing art for it:

Fade (main screen)

Fade (main screen)

Fade (difficulty screen)

Fade (difficulty screen)

Fade (consume animation)

Fade (consume animation)

Thanks to Lukas, Peter, Edwardo and Barbara for working with me, it’s been fun (as ever!)

PS. The Global Game Jam site is down, so I’ll post links to the game and videos when I’m able too!

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