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BBC Click & London Review of Books on GameTheNews

March 15, 2013

We’ve had a couple more outlets and people pick-up on the work we’re doing over at GameTheNews. Firstly the high-brow London Review of Books:

Simplistic and partial it may be, but no more so perhaps than many other news sources. More troubling is the way it apes regular combat games: in the ‘military phase’, you’re informed of new civilian casualties to the accompaniment of exciting explosions (then again, the TV news has been doing that for years too).

Overall the article things we’ve not got the formula right yet, but they liked what we were trying to do with the cotton picking game:

The only game that really works is My Cotton Picking Life, a response to the news that Uzbekistan uses forced labour for its cotton harvest. The dullness and monotony of the game are the whole point: it takes as long to pick a day’s quota of cotton in the game as it does in the fields (though the simulation is obviously a lot less backbreaking than the real thing).

Which is in some respects, fair point as we are still really in beta and working out what a newsgame means to us. I suspect it will be more than one thing. Over on the BBC we got a mini-review by Kate Russell:

It’s a great review and we were really pleased with it. You can watch it here.  Thanks to Kate for that!

In other news on, we’ve also had Endgame:Syria listed by Games For Change…

Endgame:Syria on Games For Change

Endgame:Syria on Games For Change

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