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Fellow Devs! Get £10K to Create a New IP, then Pitch it at Develop….

April 9, 2013

This is an amazing opportunity being funded by The Wellcome Trust. Basically you get £10K to help you develop a new game IP and then you get to pitch it to a panel of industry experts including people from the worlds of publishing and crowdfunding at Develop 2013. Not only that but they are not looking for any of the IP or the money back – the criteria is that you need to be UK based and the idea needs to be inspired by biomedical science. That does not mean it has to be ‘Theme Hospital’ far from it. Here’s the info:

Develop in Brighton in partnership with the Wellcome Trust brings a Live Pitch event to this year’s conference. Apply for Development Funding and Pitch Your Game at the Develop in Brighton Conference 2013.

Do you have an idea for the next ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’, ‘Pandemic’ or ‘Splice’?

Developers are invited to apply for the chance to receive up to £10,000 each to develop a high-impact pitch for their game to help secure a distribution platform and funding. The ideas for your game need to draw on or be inspired by contemporary or historical biological or medical science in an innovative and accessible way. The games can be developed for any mass-appeal genre, platform or business model. Those who are successful will go on to pitch their developed game ideas to a panel of publishers and funders at a live event at Develop in Brighton on Wednesday 10 July 2013. Panellists joining the Wellcome Trust include Sony XDev and crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. Participating developers will be invited to receive additional pitch training ahead of the live event.

Note that you’ve got until the 26th April to apply, but don’t leave it till then – I strongly urge you to ensure that you give the application process time to go though right, so get on it now! Get started now and good luck.


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  1. April 18, 2013 5:52 pm

    It sounds like the 10,000 quid is just for the pitch and not the development (?), which is pretty darned amazing. Imagine what kind of multi-media pitch a small indie developer could put together for that kind of money.

    I have a feeling more and more indie developers are going to start seeing opportunities like this, though, as the AAA market is becoming so seen-that-played-that, it’s usually the indie market where most of the truly unique games are coming from and many in the gaming industry are now realizing it.

    Meanwhile though, good for the The Wellcome Trust! Let’s hope a lot of developers apply.

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