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More on NarcoGuerra and the War on Drugs

April 13, 2013

So I’ve posted about the new game from and I though I’d share a bit more about the ideas behind it. The War on Drugs is a huge area and our game is not going to cover all of it, much as we did with Endgame:Syria, the aim is to cover a part of it. The issues this game explores is about the framing of drug policy as a ‘war’ and also the relationship between policing and drug use levels. On the first point, games are a good medium to explore this as there are soooo many strategy games, so you expect them to deal with a situation as a conflict, and we work with that dynamic. The way we do it is something you’ll have to play it to explore for yourself! On the second point in a normal war you can (sometimes) win by defeating the enemy – but when the enemy is people’s desire to get high – how can a gun defeat that?

It seems it can’t:

Drug adiction vs spending to stop it (source

Which is key in the game. Also if interested check out:

NarcoGuerra by (click for full sized image)

NarcoGuerra by (click for full sized image)

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