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Develop Conference: Two Amazing Sessions! #developconf

July 5, 2013

OK I’m bias because we’ve been involved in producing them, but it is true, they are well worth attending!

First is a live pitch event where 4 teams of indie devs are pitching their new IP ideas to a panel of top industry experts.  Its going to be interesting to see what they come up with and also learn what works and what does not in a pitch:

Live Pitch in partnership with The Wellcome Trust

10 Jul 2013
12:00 – 12:45
Room 3

Four indie developer studios pitch their latest game ideas LIVE to a panel of publishers, investors and funders! Earlier this year four indies each received development funding of up to £10,000 from The Wellcome Trust for their novel game concepts. Now they’ll be pitching those developed concepts to a panel of industry experts on the hunt for the next big thing. These experienced individuals have seen hundreds of pitches and will be offering their take on each idea – and of course looking out for any they may want to invest in themselves.

And after lunch comes the second ace session looking at a truly viral game about…well viruses.  Find out what made Plague Inc such a runaway success:

Plague Inc. – 10 Million Downloads and Counting: The Power of Realistic Game Design

10 Jul 2013
14:00 – 14:45
Room 5

Plague Inc. from Ndemic Creations was one of the top mobile games of 2012 with millions of players working to infect and kill the world’s population with a deadly disease. Created as a hobby, it has become so successful that it even attracted the attention of America’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). In this interview organised by the Wellcome Trust, we’ll ask James Vaughan to explain how Plague Inc. was created and the advantages that come from basing a game on a real world topic. We will also investigate the balance of realism vs. gameplay, discuss how to make science appealing and identify his top lessons for other developers seeking to make successful, realistic games.

Plague Inc screenshot

Plague Inc screenshot

Be there!

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