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Chainsaw Warrior Rips up the App Store

September 25, 2013

Taking a bit of a break from making controversial titles, I’ve been getting back to my roots and am happy to say we’ve just launched the iOS version of the classic Games Workshop 1987 boardgame ‘Chainsaw Warrior’. Here’s a quote from the launch press release (the announcement one is here):

Announced in July, it caused excitement with those new to the game interested in discovering a classic, and nostalgia with fans who fondly remembered playing it. The game sees players trying to save New York from dire peril as twisted forces spewing from a spatial rift attempt to rip the city from this reality into theirs. The fate of the city rests solely in the hands of a lone cybernetic solider known as the ‘Chainsaw Warrior’. As the eponymous hero, the player must battle through a zombie infested Manhattan tenement in order to locate the controlling intelligence behind the dark army swarming from the spatial rift. The game was renowned as a tough challenge and this new version remains so.

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

We’ve also had a first review

A variety of futuristic gear is available to you, and you roll in character creation to see how much of it you can carry. By default, two slots have to go to the Darkness-Killing Gun and your chainsaw, without which, you’re just a Run-of-the-Mill Warrior, and who wants one of those when you’ve got zombies all around? Nope, zombie apocalypses and chainsaws go together like a burger and fries,

I’ve managed to play two games so far, and lost both times, but therein lies the fun: Replayability. The first game, time ran out before I could find the Evil Darkness (Look, it’s actual NAME is “Darkness,” ok? Saves me some typing here.). In the second game, I managed to find Darkness with scant minutes to spare, but had forgotten to pack another ranged weapon, so the Anti-Darkness gun only had one shot left and I MISSED!!!

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

The game’s main page is here and it has a help guide if you need it here.

Yup it’s coming to Android any day now. First to Samsung via 100% Indie and then to Google Play, PC and Macs…

So far the launch is going well as on day 1 we’d got to No.2 in the iOS RPG chart – being kept off the No.1 by another Games Workshop title, Warhammer Quest – which is a great game and deserves to be at the top 🙂

Chainsaw Warrior on App Store

No.2 woo! Dang, just one more place to go till no.1… Note that equated to no.20 on the Adventure iOS chart…

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

Chainsaw Warrior Screenshot

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