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JtR125 on Gamezebo

November 27, 2013

There is an interview with Janet Jones, Patrick Crogan and myself as the JtR125 team on Gamezebo talking about ‘playable documentary’:

That game will explore the facts of the Jack the Ripper murders in London without chaining players to a linear progression.  “Players will make choices,” Rawlings said.  “The player takes on the role of a journalist in 1888 [and] needs to find the story to get into print for their readers. They need to figure out where the witnesses are and get them to talk. This gives them options in what stories the paper will print. The players are striving towards conveying to their readers the nature of the crimes, and so in the process, come face to face with the nature of the evil that committed them and the society that they are contained within.”  Dr. Crogan added: “JtR is doing something interesting with the game form that is based on the ‘what if’ mode of computer simulation. The player will play as one or more personages from the time of the murders, so if we get it right they will face some game challenges that will give them some insights about the things different people (like investigative journalists or ‘working girls’) faced in living in the East End under the shadow of the Ripper murders with their associated police and media frenzy.

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