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Check out VODO’s Otherworlds Bundle!

April 14, 2014
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I’ve got my copy! Get your otherworldy bundle…

Here’s the skinny on the great content we’ve curated for what we think is our best cross-media bundle yet:

Ghosts With Shit Jobs 
(Mockumentary satire by former Adbusters Editor, Jim Munroe)
a brilliant, satirical indie flick about the future of dead-end jobs” io9

AI Wars: Fleet Command 
(Brilliant RTS from Arcen Games)

“Expertly crafted” Boomtown, 90; “close to perfect” Dark Zero;  “Excellent space strategy.” PC Gamer

(Awesome indie feature by Amber Benson and Adam Busch of Buffy fame)
“The Office meets Close Encounters”,  “office politics take on cosmic dimensions” Eye For Film;  “a heightened reality that’s just left-of-center…. It’s hard not to root for a film that can translate intergalactic drama into water cooler talk.”

The Surrogates 1, 2 and Case Files 
(Top-notch graphic novel collection from Top Shelf Productions)
A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! “The Best Indie Book of the year.” IGN;  “An absolutely fascinating piece of work — heartfelt and thoughtful” Fantasy & Science Fiction;  

As well as:
Future My Love, a documentary from Maja Borg:
Romance and politics in the ruins of economic collapse

Bientôt l’été, Tale of Tales games:
Existential gaming at it’s most atmospheric 

Blink short-film compilation; Clarkesworld magazine, 4-month subscription; The Apex Book of World SF:
Collected works of short-form Sci-Fi in movie and magazine form 

Sabled Sun 5-part album suite; Not Not Fun records Out-There EP:
Soundtracks for your ride – file under deep-spaced 

It’s a TRIP!

70% of contributions are divided between content providers, 25% goes to VODO and 5% goes to our chosen charity for the bundle, the Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world.

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