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Lovecraft’s The Dreamlands, being brought to life by the ‘Die Farbe’ Team!

May 7, 2014

There is a new post on Red Wasp Design about a pretty amazing looking Cthulhu project!

Update – The IndieGoGo project has done well, but not quite well enough, so the project creators have paused it. Updates can be found here. Also if you want to invest – see here.

Last year we were part of an amazing transmedia bundle of Lovecraft/Cthulhu themed games, films and books. We’re happy to say that one of our fellow bundle partners, the creators of the amazing ‘Die Farbe‘ (The Color Out of Space) are now looking to create a new cinematic interpretations of Lovecraft’s works – The Dreamlands. The project is now seeking your support to make it happen – it’s on IndieGoGo. Here is the pitch video:

Here’s some production artwork from the project to get you going:

Dreamlands Concept Art

The Dreamlands Project

Check out the IndieGoGo page and support and bring more quality Lovecraft/Cthulhu works to life!

PS. Here’s a link to the official page:

PPS. Here’s the Die Farbe trailer…

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