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Games Killed the Video Star: Five Ways That Play Is Beating TV at It’s Own Game

June 6, 2014

Ahead of going along to DocFest, I’ve got an article on the Huffington Post

I connected to YouTube on a new device recently, so a device without the vast user history Google likes to collect. I noticed at the top of the screen were the top 5 ‘Most Popular Right Now’ videos for the UK. What struck me was that 4 out of 5 were video games. The only non video game offering was a Beyoncé video in second place. First place was taken byPewDiePie and third by the Yogscast people. There was also a lot of Minecraft going on in that top five. If the only name in the last three sentences you recognise is ‘Beyoncé ‘ then I suspect you’re not a gamer and might have missed there’s been a revolution in video content going on with video games at it’s forefront.


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